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And waves come and go, as they have for thousands of years, oblivious of our minuscule presence and hurt



Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.21.16 PMWhile in REM sleep, most of the muscles become paralyzed and the activity of the brain’s neurons becomes quite intense, similar to the activity during wakefulness. REM sleep is also sometimes known as paradoxical sleep. It’s during this stage of sleep that most people are able to have especially vivid dreams.

Not unlike being a little bug caught in the spider web, unable to move, and with heightened vision and feelings of all that moves, actively waiting for the end to come..

If we think about it, love is the same, paralyzing the body into submission and flooding the brain with the most vivid, yet unreal images, with the picture of our heart’s demise well clear and mirroring our dearest face – the very target of our feelings.

So is love just an incomplete dream state?

Santa Baby

Sometimes winter brings the best endless summer skies, and because we look for the conventional and the normality, we fail to enjoy it to the fullest, for fear it’s just passing, and stick with the regular life that we had built, for it’s less scary.. but what an amazing oasis life can make for us! For in the dead of winter, salt scents, breeze, full sun and the ocean are possible, if only for a day, that we can live over and over just by gazing in the blue..

Santa baby, you forgot one little thing – the spring; it’s an awful great fare, when you dare; but only for the ones that dare dream


Falling with grace – part 1

They say that fall brings with it sadness and change of moods.. asthenia they call it.. they have to label it in order to make it more acceptable and digestible. And thus those not affected by can smile contemptuously at the dreamer kind, and observe them lose themselves into the ups and downs of the fall with the grace of a high born in a society ballroom.

Falling is best done with grace; allowing the times and senses to seep into each other and embalm themselves in the exacerbated feelings.. and art is birthed resplendent and moody out of the dreamers mind, and demands attention.

And envious of the dreamers’ fun, the realists, not feeling the fall, engulf themselves in reason and try to emulate what’s created. Dreaming by recipe, attempting to recreate the grace of the dreamer’s steps, never to know it, but always to pretend..

The times bring change, and raw emotion, and sadness, and restless nights.. but the sound of the rain soothes the hurt and builds the spirit.. for stronger is what live inside than what roams the lands..

shades of fall

shades of fall